So let’s be clear here for a moment. Everybody is complaining about the nude leaks of the celebrities and how it’s a violation of their privacy. What’s the difference in these photo sets of a Kate Upton here. The first pics blatantly shows her boobs thru a wet t-shirt. It makes you want to see it. She wants you to see her boobs thru a wet t-shirt. The second pic is her topless but she’s holding her boobs. She wants you to see this and imagine what it be like to see the whole thing. The third pic is a nude pic. She chose to have it taken. She wants you to see her naked. It’s why she took it. If she never wanted her body to be viewed by millions of people, then she should never be photographed in that matter. She’s basically consented to having her body be viewed by the people. Her career will still be the same. She’ll still be posing for pictures. And you’re telling me that all these college girls who take naked selfies in their bedrooms are being violated and should prosecute the people for seeing these pics? You take a naked pic of yourself, means that you want to be seen by countless people over the internet. So stop all this nonsense about filing for court and prosecuting because it will never happen. You did it, it’s done, move on. Thank you. That’s my rant for today.